fit·ness + fool·ish·ness [/‘fitnis/ + ˈfo͞oliSHnis/] n. 1. a balanced lifestyle that consists of regular exercise and allowing oneself to partake in activities for self-satisfaction.

Working out doesn’t have to be boring. We create fitness retreats that are for the normal, everyday, REAL person who balances their life by being health conscious as well as partaking in life's little indulgences because that's what REAL life is all about -- the balance. We encourage an environment that is laid back, fun, and not so serious. We provide workouts that are not only intense, but adaptable for any level which allows people to be themselves and not be intimidated. We pride ourselves on creating itineraries and activities that cultivate new friendships and builds confidence in a non-invasive way. We teach to Soca, Dancehall and Hip-Hop music which immediately makes people feel like they're in the Caribbean. During our retreats, we’ll not only workout, but we’ll also relax on the beach, go surfing, immerse ourselves in the local culture and by dusk, we’ll hit the local nightlife. We want everyone to leave a retreat feeling accomplished, grateful and like they had the time of their lives.


NICOLE SWEET (CO-FOUNDER) is a certified Pilates instructor who has been teaching both mat and reformer since 2004. Nicole is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Barre Intensity trained. She has been ranked in the Top 20 of Pilates Instructors in NYC by Rate Your Burn. In addition to all of her fitness endeavors, Nicole is an accomplished professional photographer and has captured images for many lifestyle brands, yet her first and true love is shooting basketball. You can often find her court side shooting high-ranking high school and college teams as well as for the Brooklyn Nets. Her work has been featured in many publications including a Sports Illustrated cover. As a UC Santa Cruz graduate and having lived in Hawaii, Nicole is a mermaid at heart. She loves to surf, swim and is simply happy by being at the beach or underwater. Nicole has always had a vision of creating retreats in tropical locales. Nicole and Marisa met while working together at a marketing agency in NYC. They became fast friends and realized they had similar passions for staying in shape, traveling, warm weather and having fun. She was able to get Marisa on board with her idea pretty easily and they would exchange ideas and dream of the day they could make it happen.

MARISA THRASHER (CO-FOUNDER) is a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, a 200 hour RYT by Yoga Alliance, and is also Barre Intensity trained. She started teaching various group exercise classes while in college before graduating with a BS in Business Administration from Cal State San Marcos. She later went on to complete her MA in Communications Management. While her career path led her to business management, marketing, and event production roles, she continued to stay passionate about fitness and would stay physically active by taking every type of fitness class imaginable. Since Marisa and Nicole launched their first retreat, Marisa slowly started devoting more of her time to building a fitness career and away from her 9-5. When she's not on a Fitness + Foolishness retreat or planning future retreats with Nicole, Marisa can be found teaching HIIT + Yoga classes. She's also a contributor for wellness articles for Locale Magazine