Place: Mahina + Sun's at The Surfjack Hotel

Location: Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

Date visited: May 2017

Category: Hot Spot

I recently took a trip to Hawaii with a girlfriend who had to go for work. Because she was there for work, we didn't have much time together so when we did, we were sure to hit up a few of the local  hot spots. At the top of my list was checking out The Surfjack since I didn't get the time on my last trip to Hawaii. Plus, the Obama's recently dined there so you know it must be cool. 


1. As soon as you walk-in you're in awe of the super cute mid-century modern, retro Hawaiian decor and the open courtyard/pool area in front of the bar. You immediately feel compelled to take photos since the place is totally instagrammable from every angle. The bottom of the pool, which you can only read from the higher floors, is painted with the words "wish you were here" which is a fun photo to send to your friends back home to inspire a group trip to Hawaii next year. 

2. Great place for a nightcap. We had a super friendly bartender and she made us awesome cocktails using fresh ingredients. Drinks are about $14 each. 

3. The coffee shop, Olive + Oliver, located in the lobby has the cutest tropical disposable coffee cups in life. 

Not so much:

1. To be fair, we didn't stay at The Surfjack so we didn't see the rooms, they could be amazing for all I know. However, we did make our way up in the (you can tell it's old) elevator so we could take pics of the "wish you were here" sign in the pool. I just got the impression that once you made your way past the super chic lobby, pool and bar area to the elevators, you felt like you were in an old hotel/motel that had been redone to be chic (which it definitely was). Kinda like "Ikea" if you ask me  - looks cool but when it comes down to it, kinda cheap. With nightly rates are at about $216-$348/night, I'd think twice about booking a room there vs another hotel. But overall, definitely worth going for a nightcap (or food, which I hear is amazing) or to grab some coffee. 

Overall rating: 4/5

xx Thrasher

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Posted on May 16, 2017 and filed under cocktails, hot spot.