Is each retreat the same? Nope! We treat each retreat a unique experience and if you know us, we are always mixing stuff up! Even if you've been on our retreat in the same location before, we guarantee you will have a different experience the following time. (Just ask one of our many Repeat Retreaters).

Why are some retreats priced differently than other retreats you offer? The price of each retreat is dependent upon location, hotel, number of nights, time of year and retreat specific activities. The money will be well spent. Trust.

Do I need to be in amazing shape? Not at all! We will make modifications where needed so don't stress! We had a guest who was 7 months pregnant and she was able to participate in everything (including a pole dancing class!). 

Do I need to follow the itinerary provided? We create an itinerary which includes morning and evening classes (FITNESS), breakfast, activities, dinners and evening outings (FOOLISHNESS)Of course we would LOVE for you to participate in everything, however, we get it if you want to sleep in one morning or want to do some exploring on your own. We are super chill and no need to stress! 

Who is the typical retreat guest? We've had everyone from ages 21 - 65, both male and female. The average age is somewhere in their late 30's/early 40's. We love that our groups are so dynamic! We've been really fortunate that EVERY SINGLE GUEST has been so KIND, FUN, INTERESTING and OPEN-MINDED. It's so much fun to learn about everyone's background and where they're headed. That's what traveling is all about. 

I want to go, but my friends can't make it. Will I feel comfortable if I go as a single? Yes! We find that most of our single guests have the BEST time! Everyone is a bit nervous initially because they don't know what to expect, however, as your hosts we do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable. We find that guests find comfort in knowing they don't have to participate in everything on the itinerary if they don't want to, but truth be told, we've never had a guest skip out on anything because they were too uncomfortable. Plus, you DESERVE to do something for YOURSELF! Traveling solo is one of the BEST adventures you can take in life! 

Is there roommate sharing? Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to offer room shares, it doesn't always work out since we can't predict if there will be other single guests who wish to share a we encourage you to call your mother, brother, sister, cousin, friend, partner, etc. to get on board!!

Can I go earlier/stay longer? Of course! We can usually get you a better rate a few days before/after the retreat if you reserve through us rather than the hotel. Just let us know your travel dates and we can do our best to get you sorted. Worst case, we can make recommendations for a place nearby.

How does the payment plan work? Once you make your initial non-refundable deposit, you have the option to make monthly payments until you're paid in full. All payments must be received at least 1 month prior to the start of the retreat. Depending on the retreat, cancellation fees and payment due dates may differ. 

What is the REFER A FRIEND program? If you have already made a deposit on your room and you refer a friend who books a separate double or triple room, you will receive $50 off your retreat rate. For 2 or more separate double or triple room referral bookings, you will receive a $115 discount off your own rate. 

Can you guys do a retreat in......?? If you have a suggestion for us, please let us know! Will work for travel! Send us an email