Want to host a Fitness + Foolishness retreat?

Are you a certified instructor that's always wanted to host your own retreat but didn't know where to start? It can be overwhelming once you realize how much work actually goes into executing a successful retreat. That's where we come in. We've been in your shoes and sorted out SO many of the challenges already and have established the relationships you'll need to take your business to the next level. Now that we've figured it out (refer to testimonials ;-)), we're here to help you bring YOUR concept to life. Let us do the hard stuff so that you can have fun with your clients.

Here's what we'll handle:

  • Booking recommendations (hotels, excursions, dinner reservations, etc.)

  • Marketing/Promotion (social, pr)

  • Finances (how to budget, price, and manage your budgets in order to make the profit you're looking to make)

  • Sourcing (checklist of supplies - trust us when we say there's so many things you probably won't think of)

  • Scheduling + Itineraries (what time of year is good, how many nights, etc.)

  • Waivers/Release forms/Emergency Contact Info. form 

  • A checklist of what you'll need from your guests and for you to bring on the retreat 

  • Ongoing support

  • On-site coordination (for an additional fee) to ensure a seamless retreat experience for your guests

You're in charge of:

  • Getting clients and making sure they're excited about your adventure

If you're interested in running a turn-key retreat or if you're in need of consulting to run your own retreat because you're not sure where to startemail us and let's talk.